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The Top Fitness Supplements for Women

upplements are…. Well supplements! Supplements are not food, they are meant to supplement a healthy balanced diet in order to help us to perform at our best and acquire optimum results.

There are a lot of myths about supplements that it can often deter women from trying them, ‘you’ll get too bulky’, ‘they’re only for men’… it can be both overwhelming and confusing, but the truth is that supplements are great for both men and women and could help you take your physique to the next level. The article below will tell you some of the top fitness supplements for women AND men!


  • 1. Multi Vitamins

    Often enough, we can’t always consume all of the necessary vitamins through the diet each day. Saying that, a multi-vitamin is like your bodies insurance, which can plaster up the holes and nutritional gaps in your diet.Multivitamins are important supplements that are essential not only for women but for anyone on a fitness journey or not. Vitamin deficiencies can occur when you partake in intensive exercise programs and it’s important to replenish the body so it can function at its best. If deficient in any one vitamin- this can lead to a weaker immune system which in turn means you are more susceptible to illness.



  • 2.Iron

    Extensive training regimens can deplete your body’s supply of iron, which can lead to fatigue and a weakened immune system. For this reason it is therefore vital, especially for women (due to menstrual cycles) to take an iron supplement. The reduction in the production of red blood cells due to lowered iron levels could cause anemia. Not only this, but according to the NDNS women in particular do not meet current iron recommendations.