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Difference Between A Mass Gainer And A Weight

When you first get into the world of exercising, you are bombarded with a lot of terms and information that can help you get the desired physique.

While most of them can be understood easily, understanding the world of supplements is a different ball game all together. You should not risk on taking a superficial knowledge about supplements that help you enhance your abilities with respect to exercising. One such confused term is a mass gainer and a weight gainer.

They maybe similar sounding phrases to a large extent but there is a vast difference between a weight gainer and a mass gainer. They are essentially described as supplements like whey protein, vitamins and mineral supplements. Broadly they are both used to enhance your capabilities to workout. But the minute difference is what you need to lookout for when you want to gain the right kind of results from supplements. This is when experts from MyFitFuel can help you understand both so that you can make an informed decision about whether to use a mass gainer or a weight gainer.

Mass Gainer

Mass gainers are high-calorie supplements that contain various levels of protein, fat, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and various other supplements. A mass gainer has low levels of protein in comparison to the carbohydrates and fats because mass gainer is typically taken to increase the calorie level in the body to further instigate muscle gain. A good mass gainer provides between 300 to 1200 calories in one serving of the shake. Even though the protein level in a mass gainer is low the quality of protein used in the mass gainer mix is really high and thus maintains the essential protein level of the body.


Why Should You Take A Mass Gainer?

After the essentials of a mass gainer are known, it is imperative to discover the reason of taking mass gainer as a supplement so that you can make an informed decision about your supplement choices. A mass gainer is basically used to gain the muscle mass in the body. So if you are one of those fitness freaks who want to build the coveted muscular body with the help of exercise and supplements in a short span of time then mass gainer is just the thing for you.

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Weight Gainer


Inspite of the usual mistake that anyone would make between a mass gainer and a weight gainer, the MyFitFuel experts believe that essentially a mass gainer can be a type of weight gainer but a weight gainer has a broader perspective to it.  A weight gainer can be used as an umbrella term to house products like mass gainers. All of these products housed under the term Weight gainers have abundance of carbohydrates, fats, proteins and vitamins. The difference lies in the composition of these ingredients and they effect that they have on the body.

A weight gainer can simply be defined as a bodybuilding supplement, usually packaged in powder form, which provides a large amount of calories per serving and usually contains a large amount of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates to fuel recovery and muscle growth.

Why Should You Take Weight Gainer?

People who are hard gainers take a weight gainer. A hard gainer is term used for the category of people who do not put on the required weight inspite of the healthy eating habits. This could be because of the high metabolism rate of the body or any other medical condition. It is suggested that these hard gainers can take up weight gainer as a part of their diet plan so that they can gain the required calories and make their body reach an optimum level before they can start working out for body building.

Difference Between A Mass Gainer And Weight Gainer

People with superficial knowledge about supplements available in the market are at constant aware of weight gainer vs mass gainer war that has made a permanent place in the mind of the fitness fanatics. We at MyFitFuel provide you the essential composition of both and benefits that help in making an easy choice between the mass gainer and muscle gainer and the benefits of taking them . Hereby listed are the differences in a tabular format.

Differentiation criteria Weight Gainer Mass Gainer
Purpose The basic purpose of a weight gainer is to make the consumer put on weight The basic purpose of a muscle gainer is to make the consumer gain muscles mass.
Body Type “Hard gainers” should primarily take this. Prospective body builders should take muscle gainer.
Usage Used for refueling body’s carbohydrates storage for better performance Used for people who want to spare lean muscle mass at the time of calorie restriction
Protein Quantity The protein quantity is lesser in comparison to carbohydrates The quantity of protein is high in a mass gainer.
Calories Weight gainer gives you more calories Mass gainer helps in gaining lean muscle mass
Fiber The quantity of fiber that helps in active digestion of the body is low in a weight Gainer Fiber content is high in mass gainer as it helps in digesting the fats and carbs and only focus of muscle power gain.
Exercise regime Since weight gainers are for hard gainers. They are only required to do mild exercise Mass gainer boosts your exercising abilities by providing the required power so that you can work out with heavy weights.