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New Product OF FitFox

New product of Fix Germany company
Beef Giner 5.44 grams of Fix Fox with chocolate flavor for athletes who want to save money.
Beef Chocolate is supplied with the following ingredients
Beef Gainer is an outstanding weight gainer based on branded beef protein isolate HydroBEEF® (hydrolyzed beef peptides) and high-quality carb-matrix. FitFox Beef Gainer is very low in fat and absolutely free of lactose. Beef protein isolate HydroBEEF®  is one of the best protein sources. Beef protein intake in strength athletes is of the long tradition. FitFox Beef Gainer is intended for everybody who wants to increase muscle mass and strength.

Recommended dosage: Mix 50 g (1 heaping scoop) of FitFox BeefTMwith 250-300 ml of water. Use a blender or hand held shaker. Have 1-3 servings daily