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Caffein Boost 600

Caffein Boost 600(90 Capsule)

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CAFFEIN BOOST 600 (90 Capsule)(4798003654756)


✓ Improved Physical Performance

Generally, studies choose to measure endurance exercise as it is easier to keep power output constant, and just look at exercise time.  There is a substantial amount of evidence supporting claims that caffeine helps endurance when events last between 30 and 60 minutes [4], however, there is less research done on exercise lasting less than half an hour.(4798003654756)

Some evidence suggests that caffeine can’t help with 1-rep max efforts, but their research has shown that caffeine can give a 10-11% increase in strength when resistance training using a 6-10 rep range [5].  This shows that there is potential for caffeine to be used alongside hypertrophic training when looking to build muscle!

✓ Fat Burning

The exact mechanisms for how caffeine helps to burn more calories isn’t fully understood, however, there is evidence to suggest that this does occur.  For example, one study gave participants either 100mg, 200mg, or 400mg of caffeine and measured participant’s energy expenditure.

The study concluded that there was a dose-response relationship, meaning that the higher the dose of caffeine, the higher the energy expenditure [6].  If participants were using more energy, then this will contribute to increased calorie burning in the body.


Nutrition facts

Per daily serving(1capsules)




300 mg

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